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Initial Consultation consists of a full review of history, physical exam and diagnosis of your problem.  A succinct plan of action on how to best remedy your complaint will be given along with an approximate prognosis regarding time for full resolution. Some introductory treatment will also commence at this consultation (if appropriate) and advice on immediate care/lifestyle/training modification will also be prescribed.  If, following your assessment, onward referral is deemed necessary - you will be guided and assisted in this process.

Duration: 45 minutes

Fee:          €110 





Full Physiotherapy Appointment (repeat clients only) consists of manual therapy techniques, dry needling, mobilisations, and manipulations as appropriate.  Exercise prescription such as self-care of muscle knots/trigger points, stretches, muscle activation exercises, strength exercises and neuromuscular re-programming exercises, strength and conditioning programmes and so on, will be explained and prescribed as appropriate.  You will be informed as to the exact cause, mechanism and nature of your condition so that you have full understanding and therefore complete power over it and it's likelihood of return.

Duration: 40 minutes

Fee:          €80


Dry-Needling Only (repeat clients only) is a treatment-only session.  Typically, this will consist entirely of trigger-point dry-needling but, where indicated, other interventions may be recommended such as manipulations, mobilisations, activation exercises, stretches and so on.  You will be advised if this appointment option is suitable for you.  If you have not attended the clinic for some time, or this is a new complaint, please book a Full Physiotherapy Appointment

Duration: 20 minutes

Fee:          €60


Cancellation Policy

Appointments can be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time at no extra charge. However, for missed appointments or cancellations made within 24hours of an appointment, fees are, regrettably, non-refundable.  For extenuating circumstances - a credit note or rescheduling option may be offered, at the discretion of the therapist.

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