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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a consultation involve?

A physiotherapy consultation involves a full taking of history followed by a physical exam, including functional assessments relevant to your complaint. The ideal approach to injury treatment is to establish the root cause of the weakness or pain source rather than to just treat the symptoms. At this stage a diagnosis will be given, along with a plan of action on how to best treat and overcome the complaint. On initial consultation you will also receive treatment which may consist of a variety of techniques to effect a positive change and assist healing.   


But what if I'm not an athlete!?

Athletes and players demand quick results, the best treatment possible and demand to know everything about their injury or condition.   Therefore, in the sports-physiotherapy context, the best, latest and most effective treatments are likely to be applied.  

These techniques, treatments and rehabilitation strategies can, and should, also be applied and tailored to suit the non-athlete patient. So if you are suffering with neck pain, back ache or knee pain, for example, the objectives are the same:  reduce pain and swelling, restore movement, enhance control and balance, build load-tolerance, strengthen and progress to pain-free and optimal function.  


What conditions are treated?

Neck Pain - Back Pain - Frozen Shoulder - Sciatica - Trapped Nerves - Disc Bulges - Joint Pains and Sprains - Overuse Injuries - Sports Injuries - Muscle Tears - Work Related Issues - Repetetive Strain Injuries - Joint Replacements Pre and Post Operative - Whiplash - Shin Splints - Heel Pain/Plantar Fasciitis - Achilles Tendinitis/Tendinopathy - Calf Tightness - Hip Pain - Pubic Pain - Sacro-Illiac Joint Dysfunction - Foot Pain - Stress Fractures - Muscle Spasm - Joint Hypermobility Syndrome/Ehlers Danlos Syndrome - Arthritis - Joint stiffness - Knee Pain - Runners Knee - Frozen Shoulder


What services are Provided

Assessment and Diagnosis

Physiotherapy Manual Treatments (incl. dry-needling, mobilisations, manipulations)

Rehabilitation (incl. post-op rehab, ACL rehab, core stability training, shoulder rehab, balance and proprioceptive training, movement re-training/re-education)

Exercise Prescription for general health and wellness

Strength and Conditioning programmes and advice for elite and amateur athletes and non-athletes

Training Advice on Running, Swimming, Rowing, Triathlon, Power Lifting, Cross-Fit, Golf, Tennis

Running Technique Workshops Individuals, Groups, Clubs and Corporate

Onward Referral to Orthopaedic/Rheumatology/Neurology Specialists etc., where appropriate

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